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The starting point in any new situation is identifying your skills, values, interests, and preferences to determine what types of action would be a good fit for moving forward in life.


Transitioning from the known to the unknown is one of the most difficult times in a person's life. Often it is found that education systems stress more on developing academic skills and the importance towards critical attitude and behaviour issues are ignored. It has been proved through research that it is not just your knowledge that helps you achieve success in life, but it’s your attitude towards life. 


Academic inputs alone cannot help people make a successful life; there are various other aspects like emotional intelligence, social intelligence, personality and aspirations, which need masterful guidance and implementable action items to succeed in life.

The NEXT program is an interactive experience that will help you gain understanding on how to confidently, effectively and efficiently transition from the known to the unknown; to  face the NEXT chapter in your life. 

Image by J Lee

Kick-start strategies for you to set goals to succeed in life and achieve significance

Ignite your confidence and build positive thoughts, feeling & behavior

Image by J Lee
Image by J Lee

Enabling you to discover and enhance your individual strengths

Developing strategies for an effective commerce with the world

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These topics will give you clarity on how to move forward to your NEXT!

Bullock Cart

What Pulls Your Life

Dreams Catcher

Climbing Up Hill or Slipping Downhill

Way Forward

Small Action, Big Result

Failing Forward

It is about Goal Achieving

Time Grid

How Time Work For You

Inner Empire

The Inner Empire is the differential


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02 Nov 2021, 1:45 pm IST
Online Event
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