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In a dynamic era of change, fostering an environment of people feeling valued and deeply engaged, is the key for unlocking the full potential of your teams, businesses and communities.

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Various studies on human behaviours, success, and productivity has repeatedly proven that, happy individuals give better creative results and a satisfied employee is an engaged employee, and an engaged employee is the cornerstone of a successful organization.

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What is ENbound benefits?

ENbound is a symphony of interactive experiences meticulously designed to ignite passion, boost morale, and enhance team cohesion. It is designed around variety of interactive and playful activities, that will strengthen team dynamics, enhance individual motivation and foster a sense of engagement.

What are ENbound Benefits?

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Imagine your team members enthusiastically embracing challenges, collaborating seamlessly, and infusing every project with a renewed sense of purpose. Our curated activities aren't just events; they're transformative journeys that revitalize workplace enthusiasm and tap into the immense power of human connection.

Enhance Well-being

Stronger Relationship

Fun & Enjoyment

Memories of Bonding

Positive workplace culture

Increased Job Satisfaction

Reduce Fatigue & Stress

Improved Communication

Enhance Creativity

Problem Solving

Sense of Appreciation

Conflict resolution

Trust Building

Improve brand reputation

Spiritual Well-being

When you invest in ENbound, you are not just investing in an event – you are investing in the heart of your organization, planting the seeds of satisfaction that will flourish into a garden of exceptional engagement and unrivaled success.

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Design & Customization

ENbound is a people engagement & team revitalization workshop, designed to increase employee engagement, energize teams and enjoy the process. ENbound is customizable to fit your need, duration and team size. Invite you to connect with us for your best experience for employee engagement.

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Mathew has over 2 decades of experience in the field of Training and Development with MNCs.

He is passionate in experiential learning and transformation through Behavioural Learning, Outbound Training, Explorative and Endurance related coaching.


As a Fitness Transformation and Certified NLP Master Practitioner Coach, he creates and develops a blend of tools and techniques for Growthpreneurs to build a bulletproof mind and body

Mathew Abraham

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Sony's professional background spans over two decades in human resources management, social action, organizational culture, positive psychology, personal growth and employee engagement, bringing a wealth of knowledge and skill to his mission. 'Helping people celebrate life' is Sony's mission & purpose of living.


Be it one person or a stadium full of people, be it among family & friends or employees & leaders, he is eager to help you find your meaning of happiness, success and fulfillment.

Sony Thomas

Welcome to a world where employee satisfaction isn't just a goal; it's the magic that drives your team to new heights.


I understood that Perfection postpones Happiness. and It is ok that my profession is not my passion, and the scope to develop my passion along with my profession.

Dr. Avani V Sudhakar

 Happiness lies in the smallest of the things that I missed noticing. The workshop had enlightened me with insights to live a fuller and fulfilling life!

Veena Satyanathan

I am going to mindfully smile everyday, forever... I just love the self confidence boost Sony and Mathew imbibed into me and others.

Lakshmi M

The learning of my life... to manage my energy, to nurture life with happiness is taking smaller but significant and consistent steps.

Arya S Varma

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