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Discover the program's to help yourself and others celebrate life.

Whether your goal is to better yourself or make waves that change the world, there are many ways you can get started. All it takes is a clear plan, daily practice and the courage to start,  and our programs will support along the way. 


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Have you looked back in life and wondered how  you could have transitioned through an event or experience in life more effectively, achieved more from it and done it faster?


Whether you are navigating through a career transition, or transitioning into a leadership space or steering entrepreneurship; Transition coaching will help you transition faster and go Further. 

5 Mistakes Killing Your Goals

Achieve More Goals

Goal Setting & Goal Achievement are two different things. This course will give you insight into 5 mistakes that are sabotaging your goal achievement probability  from the embryonic stage of goal setting. Take action on these goal wreckers to achieve more goals and success. 


Increasing Influence

ENbound is a people engagement & team revitalization workshop, designed to increase employee engagement, energize teams and enjoy the process. ENbound is customizable to fit your need, duration and team size. Invite you to connect with us for your best experience for employee engagement.

Put Your Dream To The Test

Your Dream Has Power

Most people fail to realize their potential because their dream remains hypothetical. Put Your Dream To the Test takes your dream from ethereal to achievable. Learn how to crystallize your vision and galvanize your commitment.


Increasing Influence

Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can increase your impact on others by becoming a person of influence. Learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others, and watch your personal and professional success go off the charts. 

Winning With People

Having Meaningful Conversations

Understanding peaks when communicators connect, which is the heart and
soul of relationship building. What is the meaning of life, if we are unable to make meaning connections through communication. 

Stand Up Taller, Sooner!

Building Resilience 

Failure is not falling, but not getting up. This course will help you create systems that will help you get up taller every time you fall, thus expediting your goal achievement. 

Calm in Chaos 

Bring Order in a Disordered Life

Identify ways to improve your self-awareness, use your emotions more effectively and determine your destiny

Circle of Life

Seeing the Invisible Wholeness

When all your energy is focused in one place, it's all too easy to find yourself off balance, and let slide other important areas of your life, thus creating frustration, intense stress and emptiness. That's when it's time to take a "Bird Eye View" of your life, so you can be whole again. 

Living Beyond Failure

Overcoming Loss, Pain & Despair

Learn to identify destructive habits that make loss more difficult to navigate and  find meaning in what seems at times meaningless

Celebrate Your Influence

Leadership Development 

Leadership is influence, it is not prerogative of a select few because of their position, power, or title. Any person with the desire to intentionally influence others for collective success & significance and is willing to learn, practice and teach the laws of leadership has the potential to be a great leader. 

Celebrate Your Journey

Embracing the Journey of Life!

Life is simple, fun & limited, and it happens now, not then or later!!! Unfortunately we are tricked to believe life happens when we arrive somewhere and at sometime. The program will rewire you cognitive framework and give you the tools to embrace the journey of life today!

Celebrate Your Potential

Growing Your Success 

Growth is Optional, Change is Inevitable. Intentionally following a growth plan is the secret to achieving your true potential. The program promises to help you become intentional in your growth. 

Celebrate Your Vows

Couple Enrichment 

When you know deep down, you have the potential to do better with your VOWS, or be LOVED more, or you can have a HAPPIER HOME, then it implies, you need a scientific and systematic way to further your RELATIONSHIP, LOVE & VOWS.


Unleash Your Future

Student Enrichment Program

Many students struggle to effectively transition from campus to corporate  and find it difficult to be productive and happy at work and home.  The FOUR point Transition Strategy will enable students to leverage this change successfully.


Lead N.O.W

First Time Mangers

You have been dreaming about this day forever, you are excited to lead, and the day finally arrives, but how to lead like a veteran from day one? 

Influence Your Leader

HR Visibility & Impact 

As HR professionals, we face a constant predicament with our reach, visibility and impact of our role as a POSITIONAL HR LEADER, so we find ourselves constantly proving the relevance of the POSITION. It time to get out of the 'cat & mouse' chase, it is time to be heard, to be seen and to be valued, not because of a position, but because of the LEADER in you. 

Global Impactor

Faculty Enrichment 

The question is not do you like to teach? rather, do you desire to shape the world? ​This program is for Educators who desire to positively influence the lives of young people and mentor them in building strong, successful and significant life. 

Staff Less Shepherd

Community Leader Enrichment

Leadership, corporate or social sector/community, is INFLUENCE. But just like in the case of a cricket pitch, there are certain unique features & challenges in community leadership, knowing them will enable you to perform better in your community leadership role. 

Let's Work Together 

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