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Your dream has power. It can inspire you. It can empower you. But will it reward you? Most people fail to realize their potential because their dream remains hypothetical. John Maxwell’s, Put Your Dream to the Test, takes your dream from ethereal to achievable. 

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Grow Your Vision To Victory

The participant will be shown how to crystallize their vision and galvanize their commitment by instructing them on how to answer ‘yes’ to questions like:​

  • Is my dream really my dream?

  • Am I depending on factors in my control to achieve my dream?

  • Do I have a strategy to achieve my dream?

  • Have I included the people I need to realize my dream?

  • Am I willing to pay the price for my dream?

  • Does my dream benefit others?

If you know the right questions to ask yourself, and if you can answer these questions in an affirmative way, you will have an excellent chance of being able to achieve your dreams. The more questions you can answer positively, the greater the likelihood of success!

In this webinar, you contemplate whether you have reached your full potential and investigate whether you are living your dream?

What Do You Need to Make Your Dreams Come True?

Ever felt that stirring within—a dream waiting to be realized? You're not alone. Most of us have dreams, but the path to achieving them often seems elusive. What if you had a guide, a mentor to unveil the secrets of turning those dreams into reality?

Ready to seize your dreams? This webinar is crafted just for you. Let's dive into the questions that will shape your destiny and propel you towards the life you've imagined. 

  • Date: Every  2nd & 4th  Thursday

  • Duration :  8:30 pm  - 9:15 pm (45 minutes)

  • Location : Online Session (​Webinar)

  • Maximum : ​15 participants


Register for the next webinar and you will learn how to make your dream come true. 

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What is the profound impact of celebrating life? Discover success strategies and life hacks that can transform your personal growth & success. Infuse your life with inspiration and positivity, one episode at a time. 

Have you looked back in life and wondered how  you could have transitioned through an event or experience in life more effectively, achieved more from it and done it faster?

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