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Just Grateful

Despair all around, amid this sickness
Depression ruling a great number of us
Despite the sad state of affairs
Dear one, be grateful! you’re alright in this fuss! Encouraging those silly verbal and physical fights
Enmity shoots from irrational squabbles
Enraged, a not-so-innocent world shout of rights
Endearing one, be grateful, you’ve true friends in this mess! Nights so dark that scare the brave
Never-to-mention fears that still haunt you
Nevertheless, we fight to be out of this dark cave;
Near one, be grateful, you’ve got a dear family to surround you! I speak in verses to kindle hope in you
Inspiring at least some to be hopeful and thankful
Illuminating their forgotten aspirations, to make it true
Inspired one, know you’ll make it through and be grateful!!!

Just Grateful
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