Flavors of lock down from our little abode

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

We have been entangled in extraordinary circumstances over the past weeks. Truly extraordinary instances, which shook all of humanity in unison, and most amazingly a teeny weeny microscopic, yet powerful and influential being turned ‘our world’ (as we claim) upside down! It’s high time we reassess this claim of ‘our world’, purely a figment of human imagination, that over time got refined to a belief, and finally into an engineered truth. In reality, this claim never was, or never will be true. The earlier we let go off the steering wheel trying to control self-organizing systems, and accept that we are mere specks, in the enormous timescales and expanse of such systems, the easier it would be to traverse through them.

Whoa! that’s enough of philosophical ramblings. I guess all of us have snippets of philosophy buried deep within, which occasionally pops out during emotio